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TIME 21. Oktober 2024 Einlass: 19:00 // Beginn: 20:00 EVENT TYPE TAGSTickets

balance between the melodic and the harsh, serenity and chaos, spirituality and the human, an outside world and an inner world. Norwegian multi-instrumentalist SYLVAINE’s music is all about the duality between opposing forces, reflecting the extreme range of emotions this human existence has to offer. Serving as a catharsis for the artist, SYLVAINE’s performances, be it with a full band or solo, are aimed solely at reaching the soul, offering an escape away from our plane for just an instance.

Light and darkness, nature and urbanity, the introspect and extroverted, spirituality versus humanity. Norwegian multi-instrumentalist SYLVAINE’s music is all about balancing out the extreme outer points in sound, showcasing the emotions that arise as a result of feeling restricted by our human form. Ranging from a heavy, contrasted 4 piece band, down to a hyper vulnerable solo format on stage, SYLVAINE is a project based on pure catharsis, revealing the eternal longing for something more residing within its melodies.